Roger Gomez | A dentist’s perspective on banned Netflix documentary Root Cause
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A dentist’s perspective on banned Netflix documentary Root Cause

A dentist’s perspective on banned Netflix documentary Root Cause

Dear readers,

A few interesting things are happening in the world of Dentistry. We will be commenting on a couple of them.

The first one relates to the new rules and regulations of the Private Health Insurances Policies that will be taking place from the 1st of April. As already mentioned, all these changes are supposed to make the whole system easier to understand and the polices simpler to choose from. Being a skeptic, the desired outcome is quite doubtful. Make sure you fully understand them, otherwise you might be in a vulnerable position.

We can only add up, the ADA (Australian Dental Association) has already worked out that we are better off without having Extras Cover, saving the money and using it as we go.

The other interesting news is related to a documentary broadcasted by Netflix called Root Cause. Netflix announced its decision in March to pull the documentary because it was found to falsely link root canal treatment to breast cancer and heart disease.

Surprisingly; we haven’t been asked many questions about the documentary. We can infer not many people have seen it or people have already made up their minds and do not need any further information.

This is a reminder about the evolution of Amalgam fillings ( silver metal material) and Composite filings (tooth coloured resin material). Just to make the story short , it was proven that Amalgam doesn’t have any deleterious effect on our general health and using a sound collection system we can decrease the risk of pollution. At the height of these discussions, you can imagine the number of sound Amalgam fillings removed and replaced by Composite or Porcelain fillings or Crowns. You can also imagine how easy was for Dentists to embrace the ‘side effects” of Amalgam .Just remember that Dentists did not create this scare campaign.

Luckily, after a few years all has settled and we know that Amalgams still is just another material in our armamentarium.

Coming back to the documentary Root Cause which portrays root canal treatment and extraction of wisdom teeth as the origin of a number of medical problems, be mindful of what you believe because there will be a point where you will have to decide based on your experience and the advice of your Dentist whether you want or not a root canal done and take responsibility for what needs to be done if a tooth is removed and whether you want or not to remove a wisdom tooth that might be creating frequent infections amongst other oral health related conditions.

Finally, the wisdom tooth is just another tooth so if we follow the reasoning of this documentary why is it OK to remove any tooth but the wisdom tooth?

Until our next Blog