Roger Gomez | Avoiding tap water and fluoride toothpaste causing ‘rampant teeth decay’ among children
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Avoiding tap water and fluoride toothpaste causing ‘rampant teeth decay’ among children

Avoiding tap water and fluoride toothpaste causing ‘rampant teeth decay’ among children

Dear readers,

It is quite logical that parents want the best for their kids in every regard. In terms of health and with the new trends to avoid the use of any chemicals or any material that can pollute the environment, we see a number of children not receiving Fluoride in the water.

Water fluoridation started in Australia in the 60’s and currently close to 80% of the population receive it. The result is a reduction of decayed teeth.

In the last few years it has been noticed an increase in the number of children showing a condition that some are calling “popcorn” teeth, because of the presentation of the teeth. It was also called rampant decay due to its aggressiveness.

(Rampant caries is a clinical condition defined by rapidly advancing dental decay on a majority of the teeth.)

This has been related to reluctance from parents to provide their kids with tap water or even fluoride containing toothpaste.

Children are more susceptible to tooth decay due to their Oral Hygiene habits, diet and structure of the “baby” teeth. If we add to this equation the lack of fluoride then we have an obvious result.

Some people are opting to give tap and filtered water to their kids. Yet; it is a combination of factors that might help parents avoid rampant decay in their kids if they do not favor Fluoride.

Have your children see your local dentist on a regular basis. Decay in kids can progress quite rapidly, very often without any symptoms. You might need to closely supervise their diets and Oral Hygiene.

And finally, have an open mind. If along the track you can see the benefits of Fluoride and no proven side effects, then bring your kids back to Fluoride.

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