Roger Gomez | Beware of consumerism promising that knock out smile
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Beware of consumerism promising that knock out smile

Beware of consumerism promising that knock out smile

Dear readers,

Consumerism comes in different shapes. Unfortunately we tend not to investigate whether those claims of success are true and at what cost. It is easier to believe that there is a quick solution to some of our problems and that we will end up with exactly the final result as the advertiser.

It happens to us dentists all the time.

We attend a Seminar, Conference, Workshop or Exhibition and find a new material, instrument or piece of equipment that will resolve all our problems and will allow us to save time or make money or both.

Most of the times the demonstrations are run by well intentioned salesmen who want to provide us with up to date information. All is good until reality settles in, because we don’t achieve the same results and we discover that there is a learning curve or this novelty is not applied to everyone.

Having said that, let’s revise the definition of Consumerism.

Wikipedia refers that Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

It doesn’t say whether is good or bad, cheap or expensive, is merely to buy for the sake of buying and we can not escape… we are part of this wheel

In Dentistry we can see the regular advertisement by toothpaste companies claiming bleaching results showing a person with clearly white teeth. However we don’t know whether that person used that particular toothpaste to achieve that teeth shade or the initial shade of the teeth; amongst other questions. The selling point is this toothpaste and the perception that all of you will look like this person (usually a model) .

There are some more subtle forms of encouraging consumerism, especially in these days of endorsing natural remedies. Not long ago an article in a newspaper encouraged people to eat cranberries to have stronger teeth.

Generally speaking, the consumption of fruit has nutritional effects. But, to attribute a fruit the possible value of being “the secret to a knock out smile” is today ; far from real.

Until our next blog