Roger Gomez | It’s ‘very safe’ to visit dentists during pandemic
Roger Gomez Dental Surgery, located in Burwood and Fairfield in Sydney NSW, provides a range of general dental, preventative dental and cosmetic dental care in English and Spanish with an emphasis on using the most modern techniques and technologies.
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It’s ‘very safe’ to visit dentists during pandemic

It’s ‘very safe’ to visit dentists during pandemic

Many adults like to dodge the dentist chair and now they have an extra motive instead of just the sound of a drill; COVID-19.

But dentists say delaying dental check-ups can have a detrimental impact on overall health.

“In the world that’s gone upside down these days, I think we are all a bit hesitant about things that aren’t essential,” said Australian Dental Association New South Wales President Kathleen Matthews.

“But a regular dental check is essential.”

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