Roger Gomez | Mini dental implants
Roger Gomez Dental Surgery, located in Burwood and Fairfield in Sydney NSW, provides a range of general dental, preventative dental and cosmetic dental care in English and Spanish with an emphasis on using the most modern techniques and technologies.
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Mini dental implants

What are mini-implants?

Mini-implants are a smaller version of traditional dental implants, with a narrow diameter and made of titanium, mini-implants mimic the natural root of a tooth and can integrate with human bone through a process called osseo-integration. This osseo-integration makes mini-implants a durable and long term solution to replacing missing single or multiple teeth. Additionally, mini-implants can be used to secure a denture to a person’s jaw so that they can speak and chew comfortably.

Where does the procedure of placing mini-implants take place?

The procedure of placing mini-implants is done at the dentist’s office with local anaesthetic. It is a one-step procedure that involves a minimum level of invasive surgery with a faster healing process than traditional implants.

The cost of mini-implants:

A mini-implant procedure costs significantly less than traditional implant procedures.

Benefits of mini-implants:

  • Less costly than traditional dental implants.
  • Less invasive than the procedure of placing traditional implants.
  • Shorter healing time than traditional implants.
  • All the benefits that standard implants offer:
    • Long term solution to replacing single or multiple missing teeth.
    • Renewed ability to chew and speak.
    • Stabilize your dentures.
    • Retain your natural face structure and smile.
    • Protect your healthy teeth (there’s no need to grind adjacent teeth to place a bridge).
  • Plus, the experience and expertise of Dr Roger Gomez, practicing dentist for over 20 years!

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